2076, Saw Trax 2000 Series Full-Size 10' Wide 76" Crosscut Panel Saw

This machine is designed for customers that are cutting 50 or more sheets a week. The 2000 Series panel saw includes standard features plus an accessory package we would recommed most production companies. This series unit is ideal for customers that need to break down a large volume of sheet goods that are less than 1 ¾ inch thick with precision cuts.
A heavy duty Makita Hypoid 7 ¼ saw on a spinning saw insert is best suited for long hours of operation. It's 15 amperage power and cutting at 4500RPM. The best dust collection hook ups possible are provided with this machine. The Folding stand is as easy to open & close as a ladder, yet provides complete stability while in operation. For portability and mobility, transport wheels are included. This frame size provides an unlimited rip cut capability. Both the vertical and horizontal measuring systems help to ensure accurate cuts while the stop bar makes it quick and simple to make repetitive cuts. Steel covered material rollers make it virtually impossible to damage the material support system.
Our patented Accu-Square alignment system assures that your machine will never go out of square and our unique sealed roller bearing system provides for smoother carriage action and tighter tolerances.

Standard Equipment:

  • Powder Coated Famed
  • Nickel-Chromed Guide Tubes
  • Accu-Glide Sealed Bearing System
  • Standard Carriage System
  • Retraction Mechansism Cord Holder

Package Includes:

  • Makita Hypoid 7 ¼ saw
  • Spinning Saw Insert Plate
  • Dust Hood, Hose and Brush
  • Folding Stand And Wheels
  • Steel Covered Material Rollers
  • Dual Rip Gauge
  • Stop, Bar and Measuring Tapes

Optional Accessories:

  • Full Mid Fence (MDFC)
  • Floating Router Plate (FLTR)
  • Full Builder's Extensions (BLEXT) 
  • Laser Pointer (PSLA)
  • Model: 2076
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