Byrd Shelix Planer (Cutter) Head for Dewalt DW-735 with Bearings

Potential 6-8 Week Lead Time - Please call 1-800-996-2422

Woodworkers know that a shear cut is far better than a straight cut and that a staggered cut is much better than just a single straight knife. The Shelix staggered helical head applies both those principals in bringing you the best head you can buy for your planer and jointer. By using multiple 15mm inserts dust collection is easier being wood pieces being removed are smaller and it you happen to hit a nail, you only need to change the damaged insert cutter.

  • Spiralled Stagger Tooth to break up chips for dust collection.
  • Shear to give clean cutting action. Helix to assist the chip flow.
  • 2.5mm thick knives (Most are 1.5mm)
  • Extremely quiet cut. Greatly reduced tearout.
  • Rotate cutters when dull. Replace only 2-3 cutters if they hit steel.



  • Model: BYDDW735