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    • 2-1/2” square column (mast) with black oxidized finish
    • 6” wheels for easy mobility
    • Dual switch/outlet control panel with amp meter
    • 4 leveling screws on the base


  • Slide handle allows for drilling in tight areas
  • Anchor base with wheel kit
  • Great for the general contractor or pro contractor
  • Ceiling jack helps keep the rig in place as a backup for anchoring or vacuuming the base down (used with a brace piece - 2 x 4 or other material)


The 4 Elements of Effective Drilling/Coring: WASP


As the diamonds work on grinding away the concrete, water helps form a concrete "soup" called slurry that acutally helps the grinding process by keeping the diamond exposed. If there is not enough water, there isn't anything to create the slutty and the diamonds will continue to grind the same particles. If there is too much water, all of the concrete dust particles will wash away with nothing to help keep the diamonds exposed. Slurry should look like heavily creamed coffee.


Proper anchoring is essential to insure a straight core. The best method of anchoring is using physical anchors rated for core drilling. Using a base vacuum is fine as long as the surface is smooth and the vacuum gasket is in good shape. Never vacuum a  rig to a wall due to unreliable job site power. Never stand on a rig to hold it down. Standing on a rig causes a "ribbing" effect on the core and will eventually cause the bit to bind up in the hole.


Setting your motor at the correct R.P.M. could mean the difference between grinding properly and glazing the diamond segments. Every core bit should be run at the proper R.P.M. The smaller the bit, the faster the R.P.M. should be set.


In order to maintain the correct R.P.M., you need the power to do the job. The majority of core drills are electric powered. It is best to use an amp meter when electric drilling to monitor the gauge and ensure you do not cause a loss of productivity. Keeping the motor bogged-down amd the gauge in the red can wear the internal components of you electric dill motor. Also, insufficient power can rob the core bit of R.P.M. and the ability of the diamonds from being exposed. This can also be said when drilling with a hydraulic motor

  • Model: 4245009