Excelene Polishing Oil - 11oz. Aerosol Can (Case of 12)

For grinding and polishing all metals and glass. Use on belts to reduce heat and increase the life of the belt. Makes abrasive belts and wheels last longer. Contains no ozone depleting compounds.

Suggestions for abrasive belts:

Hold dispenser at approximately a 45 degree angle about 4 to 6 inches from abrasive belt or set-up wheel. Spray belt thoroughly on first application, then spray on whenever needed to keep the belt soft and free-cutting. Excessive lubrication will not harm belt but will only waste oil. Application about every half hour is usually adequate. When applying product, protect surrounding objects fro overspray.

  • Minimizes belt loading
  • Improves finishes
  • Increases production with less frequent belt changing
  • Excellent for us on all metals and on glass