Insert Tooling

Insert tooling with Freeborn quality, designed for accuracy and ease of use.
Our insert tooling features the following benefits:

• Common minor diameters and verticle profile centering.
    With these two features you do not need to adjust the spindle height or fence position when switching from cope to
    pattern cuts.

• Easy indexing when replacing tips.
    Using a locating button on all sets, and a locking gib system for the cope and pattern sets and detail sets, changing 
    tips is a quick and accurate process.

• Cope and Pattern bodies will accept both square and eased edge tips
• Dedicated bodies for each profile ensure maximum safety and accuracy.
• Cope and Pattern: 
Outside diameter 4-1/2”
                                           4” OD available by special order
                                           Minor Diameter 3-1/2”
                                           1-1/4” Bore

• Raised Panel:
  Outside diameter 6”
                                Minor Diameter 3”
                                1-1/4” Bore


  • Model: 14-004