Hermes BS 118 Velour (600 discs per unit) - 1200 Grit

Disc Size is 5"

Very tear-resistant velour-backed abrasive paper with hard silicon carbide abrasive grain

Product Benefits

  • Very hard silicon carbide abrasive grain
  • Extremely stable combi paper backing in grit range P 16-P 36 and a stable F-weight paper backing with a good edge stability in other grits
  • Very fine surface pattern


  • Angle-grinding edges and surfaces of granite, marble and terrazzo, for example
  • Initial, intermediate and fine sanding of parquet floors with single-disc sanders
  • Antistatic structure prevents premature clogging with dust

Product Structure

Type 11807
Grain Silicon carbide
Bonding Resin, antstatic
Backing F-weight paper, velour-backed
Coating closed
Grit range P 16, P 24, P 36 – P 120, P 180 – P 220, P 320, P 400, P 600 – P 1200
  • Model: 0662915383052