We Can Help You!

Everyday at Bibb Tool, we help shop owners and businesses find the equipment and tools they need to keep up their production rate. Whether woodworking to you is a hobby or a full-time cabinet shop, we have the lathes, mills, planers, saws, sanders, router bits, abrasives, and shop accessories that you need. If you are looking to upgrade or fill your shop with consumer or industrial rated machines, give us a call. We'll put together a package that will suit your needs.

We stock all the bits, blades, taps and cutters that most businessses and shops use. But, even if it's not shown here, give us a call. Do you have an odd size or a non-standard shaped part? Using our vendor resources, we can find virtually any part or tool that you are looking for. We cater to shops and businesses in Georgia, but everyday we ship all across the United States. Our well equipped sharpening shop staff can handle most sharpening and re-tipping jobs.

Give us a call today! We really know how to cut it and finish it!