Kreg PRS1015 - Precision Router Table Fence

This rugged aluminum fence delivers advanced precision, rigidity, and features. Those start with a fully enclosed fence body made from heavy-duty extruded aluminum. The hollow design creates an incredibly effective vacuum chamber to control dust as you work. The fence faces are independently adjustable and slide to create a custom bit opening. Plus, they allow the fence to be used as a vertical jointer.

Taking cues from high-end table saw rip fences, the Kreg Precision Router Fence is the only fence on the market that utilizes a T-square style design that allows for fast and easy positioning of the fence, which keeps it perfectly parallel to the miter slot at all times. A cam-lever locks the fence solidly into position.

Table Saw Fundamentals
A unique self-squaring T-square style fence design, similar to the design used on high-end table saw rip fences, allows the fence to be quickly and accurately adjusted parallel to the miter slot. The unique cam-style locking handle and opposite-side anchor ensure incredible fence rigidity.

Unparalleled Precision

A magnified Precision Lens Cursor lets you forget about using a tape measure and pencil, and allows you to start getting real accuracy out of your router table. The optional Micro-Adjuster allows you to dial in your precision even further.

Heavy-Duty Aluminum Design
A fully enclosed 361/2" heavy-duty aluminum extrusion provides unmatched rigidity, strength, and precision to your router top and helps to maintain an enclosed vacuum chamber for superior dust collection.

Built-In Jointer
Two independent fence faces and dual acrylic depth-setting rods quickly turn your router table into a vertical jointer. Depth rods are stored inside the fence and can be added behind the faces to allow for jointing depth adjustments of 1/16" and 1/32".

Universal Mounting
Get real precision on any router table. Single-side universal mounting design allows the fence to be securely attached to most router table tops from 3/4" to 11/2" thick.

Note: Router bit hole must be located 16" or less from right side of table.



Aluminum Extrusion

Fully-enclosed, heavy-duty 361/2"


Innovative, self-squaring T-square style

Mounting Capability

Tables between 3/4" and 11/2" thick

Jointing Depth Adjustments

1/16" and 1/32"


Kreg Precision Router Table Fence, measuring tape, jointing rods, dust-collection port, bit guard, assembly hardware, and complete Owner's Manual


  • Model: PRS1015
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