Paintable Silicone #40 Moulder Bed Lubricant

Case of 4 individually packed gallon containers.

Paintable Silicone Bed lubricant is made specifically for the
furniture and wood working industry for use as a bed lubricant for Molders,
Planers & Shaping Machinery. The fluid is clear, colorless, and essentially
odorless with a viscosity close to water. Moulder Bed Lubricant is formulated with an Organomodified
silicone. Unlike conventional PDMS Silicone, it does not interfere
with paintability. After being applied to the moulder bed, wood can be
painted, glued, or stained without fisheyes or problems with finish. A fine
mist is all that is required to prevent sticking and keep materials moving
freely. Lubricant is also used on Blades, Knives
and Saws. This reduces friction, providing a better cut and prolonging the
life of the equipment. Paintable Silicone #40 Moulder Bed Lubricant is
clear, colorless, and odorless with a viscosity of water. It is easily applied
with a hand sprayer.

  • Model: MBL40-4
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